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Quote1.png This--this isn't a joke to me or a kid's game. This is--it's everything. You put that on. You make yourself a part of this. It means you're representing--it means-- You get it. Quote2.png
Jessica Drew

Appearing in "The Boy Who Would Be Spider-Man!"

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Synopsis for "The Boy Who Would Be Spider-Man!"

Miles is confused by the sudden appearance of a female Spider-Man. Jessica manages to remove his mask with her webs and inquires about his powers. She webs him up and Miles trips and knocks himself out. He later awakens inside a holding cell at Triskelion ONE. Outside his cell are Spider-Woman, Nick Fury, Hawkeye and Iron Man. After analyzing his blood, Tony comes to the conclusion that Miles has a similar genetic makeup as Peter Parker. Fury orders the rest out of the room so he can chat with Miles. Fury correctly guesses that Miles obtained his powers through a spider bite.

Meanwhile, in the Triskelion Medical Ward, Max Dillon awakens from a chemically induced coma and immediately attacks all the medical staff. The lights go out in Miles' cell and him and Fury immediately join the rest of the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents in taking point. Electro escapes and is confronted by Iron Man, however his armor is deactivated by a power surge caused by Electro's attacks. Hawkeye attempts to take him down with his arrows, but they phase right through him. Spider-Woman attacks him but he tosses her aside. When Electro then attempts to attack Fury, Miles, using his camouflage, sneaks behind him and hits him with a large container. Electro, surprised and confused by Spider-Man being alive, is distracted long enough for Miles to use his Venom Strike on him, knocking him out.

The next day, at school, Miles tells Ganke what happened. Jessica shows up in civilian clothing and hands Miles a case containing his new costume, courtesy of Nick Fury. She tells him that he has one chance to prove himself. Miles is now officially the new Spider-Man.

Solicit Synopsis

Miles’ journey to becoming Spider-Man continues!

  • Will Miles live up to Peter Parker’s legacy?
  • A mysterious figure from Peter Parker’s past returns!


In this issue it's revealed that Electro didn't die when he was shot by Aunt May, and apparently in electric form he can survive shots of bullets and arrows. Later he is shot and apparently killed by Fury, but he again ends up surviving.

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