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Quote1.png Hate you??!! I don't hate you!! If I hated you I would throw you at them! Quote2.png
-- Spider-Woman

Appearing in "United We Stand: Part 3"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Hydra (Only in flashback)
    • Numerous unnamed agents (Only in flashback)

Other Characters:

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Synopsis for "United We Stand: Part 3"

Spider-Man in the field, somewhere, obviously tired and sore, to go somewhere, when the SHIELD of the carrier flies over him, but he can't get their attention and consists of web fluid, so that he could not attach to it. After that Miles recalls that was four hours ago, Hawkeye gives a speech about how he and heroes, to stop the Americans, who joined the HYDRA, and how it is their work, at the end of this, he also combined Spider-Man and Spider-Woman, and said that it was from that, Captain America personally, and that, of course, gets under the skin of the Spider-Woman.

As miles the experience of the war at close range, at the time, the father of Miles is being taken somewhere together with two other people who were arrested and thrown to paddy wagon. The van will be turned upside down and SHIELD agents under the gun, HYDRA agents, who are free Miles and the other two prisoners, and ask if they want to join. Jefferson ponders this until the HYDRA agents kill SHIELD agents in cold blood, leaving him stunned.

Meanwhile, on the field of battle, Spider-Woman several times says Miles to go, but he remains and does its job, which allows him to take some War Machine, while Spider-Woman saith unto him, to get out of there, which leads to miles clicking and asked that she beef with him.

They decided to use the pin-code in the conversation, when another War Machine descend upon them, and in Brooklyn and see Miles' mother arrive in the blockade, trying to get home, but the SHIELD agents allow everyone to pass after the area was marked as explicit, so that it inside his head, and believes that her husband, Jefferson, sitting on the couch, holding the gun, and she asks if he's right, but then starts to cry as she wondered where he got his gun.

In this time the Spider-Woman offers Miles a thousand bucks to just go home, saying that it was too dangerous for him, but he wants to help. War Machine to take their attack Spider and pursue Captain America, as he flew over his head, and Miles wide web one of the WM to tag along. While unnecessary upper part of the military Machine, Miles covers the pilot in his eyes, which leads to their collapse of a Giant-the woman's shoulder and they both fall to the ground below. Miles fall to the ground and goes and wakes up hours later in the field, wounded and on the way home, ending this question, when it started.

Solicit Synopsis


• With the nation at war, young Spider-Man heeds the call of Super Hero duty!

• The secret connection between Miles Morales and Spider-Woman revealed?

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