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Quote1.png A mutant drowned this city. You do not get to be a mutant in New York City!! Quote2.png
Miles Morales

Appearing in "Who is Miles Morales?"

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Synopsis for "Who is Miles Morales?"

Miles runs down the street and encounters two movers lifting a flat-screen television across the sidewalk. Instinctively, Miles leaps over the television. The surrounding spectators stare at him in amazement and are baffled when he then vanishes into thin air, exclaiming that he must be a mutant. Miles then hides in a nearby alleyway and once again became visible. While continuing down the street he comes across a gang of older, punk kids. One of the kids grabs his bag and demands Miles either give him some food or valuables. Miles then grabs the kid by the wrist and manages to stun his aggressor, much like the spider had done to him earlier in the day.[1][2] Miles, afraid he might be a mutant, visits his best friend, Ganke, and confesses his new-found abilities. Miles also reluctantly tells Ganke that he has been accepted into the same school as Ganke, news which Ganke is preoccupied with until Miles demonstrates his Venom Blast ability on one of Ganke's toys.

Miles' dad, Jefferson, then arrives at Ganke's house and orders Miles to come with him. The father and son go sit on a park bench and discussed the reasons that Miles' father didn't want Miles hanging around with his uncle Aaron. Miles' father reluctantly confesses that he and his brother Aaron often stole things growing up, and that they had both gone to jail in their lives. Miles' uncle Aaron, however, never left that lifestyle as his brother did and was was still a thief. As the conversation ends, Ice Man and the Human Torch fly by, causing Mr. Morales to comment negatively on the existence of mutants.

That night, Miles receives a text message from Ganke, explaining that he has found a newspaper article written by Ben Urich which explains that the original Spider-Man received his spider-powers through a spider bite in the same way that Miles did. This prompts Miles to attempt to climb the walls of his bedroom to see if his powers are actually spider-powers, and he is surprised and dismayed to find that they in fact are.


Ganke is wearing a shirt with the image of Mainstream super hero Frog-Man.

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  1. In the previous issue, Miles was was bitten by a spider when at his uncle's apartment.
  2. This ability to stun characters later becomes known as Miles' "Venom Blast" ability.
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