Quote1.png There's a new Spider-Man! What the hell is wrong with everybody?? Quote2.png
-- Jefferson Davis

Appearing in "Prowler: Part 2"

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  • Spider-Man the movie DVD
  • Laptop


Synopsis for "Prowler: Part 2"

The issue opens up with an image of the original Spider-Man battling Doctor Octopus which is actually a scene from the Spider-Man film which Miles is using to hone his new found spider powers. Then Miles' mother, Rio, walks into his room wondering why he's sweating. He makes an excuse that he was working out and she notices the laptop on his bed with the Spider-Man film, leaving her to wonder what he is exactly doing. Miles begins feeling guilty about keeping his new powers and identity a secret from his parents, which is getting challenging for him and he asks himself how exactly was Peter able to keep this secret from his family. Now the scene changes to the Morales family at the dinner table discussing the news about the all-new Spider-Man (currently sitting at the dinner table along with them). Miles asks his father exactly what is wrong with there being a new Spider-Man to which he replies, "What's wrong with people running around in their underwear and trying to jump off the walls?" Miles' father, Jefferson, wants to move out of the city while Rio doesn't agree and tells him to settle down. While Rio thinks its cool for there to be a new Spider-Man, Jefferson is not so happy with it because of the fact that a mutant used his powers to flood the whole city of New York causing millions of people to die, but she reminds him that a young boy in a Spider-Man costume saved countless lives and did whatever he could to save the city and also was honored after he died.

Now the scene changes to Miles hopping around rooftops practicing his new powers. He decides to test his wall-crawling abilities on a tall building to see how far he can climb, but soon remembers that he has a sort of fear of heights. Then he tries to find a way into the building so he can get downstairs, and finds himself on the hotel floor of Principal Suitress who faints in shock at seeing the new Spider-Man. Miles then hears an explosion occur far off in the distance, he decides to jump over to the area to see what is going on since he has no web-shooters yet, he cannot swing towards the danger. As he arrives in the area, he starts to feel a buzzing in his head which is his Spider-Sense, he starts to understand its purpose a little bit more, as he dodges a flying car that was heading right for him. He comes face to face with Omega Red, who is surprised and angered to see another Spider-Man.

The scene changes to the Tinkerer's workshop, where he himself is held at gunpoint by Miles' uncle, the Prowler AKA Aaron Davis, who is angered by the faulty tech that he provided him with. The Tinkerer tells him that it's not about his tech being faulty, but about the way Davis uses it. The Prowler shows him a picture of the new Spider-Man, demanding the same powers as the new Wall-Crawler, thinking that he's responsible for the new Webhead. The Tinkerer begins to explain that the new hero is not his business and that he didn't have a hand in making him. He then tells the Prowler about Norman Osborn and how Peter Parker obtained his spider powers. Davis remembers Miles getting bitten by the same spider with a number on its back, and now knowing that his nephew is Spider-Man and wanting to keep it like that, he shots and kills the Tinkerer.

The scene then goes back to the fight between Miles and Omega Red, with Miles making fun of his name. To quickly end the battle, Miles uses his Venom Blast which has good effect on Omega Red, putting a stop to the villain. The scene then cuts to Miles and Ganke talking about thefight against Omega Red and how awesome and cool it was. But Miles believes that in order to be prepared for much more dangerous and lethal villains he must train harder, and Ganke is about to propose an idea until Miles' uncle Aaron appears.

Solicit Synopsis

The world finds out about the new Spider-Man!

  • Plus, The Scorpion comes to New York!


  • Issue comes polybagged

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