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Quote1.png I'm back. And I'm cleaning up this mess. Quote2.png
Captain America

Appearing in "Divided We Fall, Part 1"

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Synopsis for "Divided We Fall, Part 1"

With the United States falling apart, President Howard orders Director Flumm to field the Ultimates, though Flumm fears he cannot control them. Howard next hires Carol Danvers as his chief of staff. Suddenly, on the news they recognize a familiar face; Captain America is back in the action, fighting in New Mexico.

At Stark Tower, Tony is distracted from the economic chaos, thinking about his brain tumour. The sight of Cap on the news immediately has his attention, however. He breaks off the meeting, and orders his new suit launched.

In the ruins of Asgard, Thor is mourning, doing what he can to keep the broken statues together, calling for them to speak to him again. He receives a call from Tony, who tells him to stop moping and come to New Mexico with him - their friend needs them.

Cap is fighting the rebels and their Nimrod robot, Iron Man arrives in his new armor, and rips the robot to pieces. The rebels flee, but before he can stop them, Thor does so. The heroes are finally reunited. Tony receives a call from Carol, calling them to the Triskelion - Texas is threatening to launch a nuke at America.

Solicit Synopsis

• THE RETURN OF ULTIMATE CAPTAIN AMERICA! • Enter DIVIDED WE FALL, the Ultimate Comics line-wide event of the summer! • ALL CAP ACTION -- perfect jumping on point for new readers!


  • In this issue, Carol Danvers is named "Chief of Staff" for the country.
  • Carol Danvers also reveals that President Howard's first name is "John".
  • Captain America's Shield was shattered in Ultimate Avengers vs. New Ultimates Vol 1 6. He then resigned and returned a fully restored Shield to Nick Fury in Ultimate Fallout Vol 1 5. He appears in New Mexico with a seemingly indestructible shield. Even though he has noted prior that he has had his distinctive shield since World War II, this seems to indicate that, in this reality, there are multiple copies of this distinctive icon.

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