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Quote1.png Anthony Stark...I have been honored to call you my friend... but I will have my vengeance. Farewell... I will see you again in another life. Quote2.png

Appearing in "The Republic Is Burning: Part Three"

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Synopsis for "The Republic Is Burning: Part Three"

The Children of Tomorrow, a highly-evolved race of superhumans, has rapidly expanded its home base known as the City, destroying neighboring European countries and killing the Asgardian gods. With Captain America still missing and Thor cut off from the source of his power, Nick Fury and the Ultimates were severely incapacitated. Iron Man outfits Thor with a redesigned version of his old super-soldier armor, and the Ultimates reassemble to face off with the Children once more, but again, are forced to retreat.

The situation is bleaker than ever: S.H.I.E.L.D.'s infrastructure has been severely damaged, millions have been killed, and it's more than Thor can take. Taking matters into his own hands, Thor teleports into the City, set on having his revenge - and prepared for certain death.

Solicit Synopsis

The Children of Tomorrow have transformed the Norse Gods into mortal men! Now, depowered and on the verge of utter destruction, the only hope the Pantheon has lies with Nick Fury and his Ultimates! Can Fury’s superhuman task force put an end to the devastation of the Asgardian people? If not, will the blight of the gods be visited on mankind next?


  • S.H.I.E.L.D.'s attack on the Dome/The City resulted in 9,000 men and women being killed.
  • Thor is re-fitted into an updated version of Stark Super-Soldier Armor similar to the outfit he wore in Ultimates Vol 1. He is also equipped with the version of Mjolnir from that time that allows him to teleport.

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