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Quote1.png America needs its symbol... And I need my captain. Quote2.png
Nick Fury

Appearing in "The World: Part One"

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Synopsis for "The World: Part One"

One week after most of Europe was taken over by Reed Richards and the Children of Tomorrow, Nick Fury attempts to meet with the President to discuss the current situation. Tony Stark and Jarvis discuss the situation with the Kratos Club and his company's involvement with the Montevideo disaster. Jessica Drew arrives in her loft at the Triskelion and notices a file from Nick Fury highlighting the new Spider-Man. She intends to confront him. At the Pentagon, Hawkeye explains how they are attempting to use the Source that he obtained in Tian to create a new version of the Super-Soldier Serum. Thor and Jane are dining in Stark Tower when Thor is visited by the apparitions of his fellow Asgardians. He is worried about Jane finding out about his potential insanity. Sam Wilson, Falcon, discovers a way to shift the frequency of his DNA, causing him to appear invisible to the sensors of the City and attempts to gain intel for Fury. Nick Fury locates and speaks with Steve Rogers, telling him that they need him back.

Solicit Synopsis

Tomorrow's Children are in control!

  • All hope looks lost for Thor and the Ultimates!
  • The Children’s creator has revealed his sinister connection to the Ultimate Universe!


Clint Barton makes a mistake, mistaking the two People's leaders and their respective group. Also the photos of the brothers are incorrect, as the auras are supposed to be different.

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