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Quote1.png It should be raining. Not to match a mood, mind you. Or any other melancholiac reason... But because it would be fitting. Do you remember? It was absolutely pouring the day our bastard father completed his prototype of these suits. That we could use them to fly away was simply...justice. A toast to you, brother... with father's very best scotch. Get better soon, Brian. When you are, we'll defile the sky together. Quote2.png
Jamie Braddock

Appearing in "The World: Part Two"

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Synopsis for "The World: Part Two"

In New Mexico, Nick Fury pleads with Steve Rogers to return to the Ultimates to no avail. Steve says that there's too much blood on his hands already and refuses to return. At the Kratos Club in Paris, France, Tony, along with Jarvis, confront his fellow club members about the recent nuclear bomb detonation in Montevideo. They tell him that their plan was to crash the global market and that they now own 9 percent of the world. At Braddock Manor, in Britain, Jamie Braddock speaks to his bed-ridden brother, Brian, and bids him farewell before leaving. Their father, James Braddock, Sr., tells him that Brian does not have long before his cancer kills him. In the City, the Maker manages to capture Falcon but tells him that he will grant him free reign of the City so that he can report his findings back to Fury. At the Triskelion, Fury consults with Hawkeye about a plan to retaliate against the Children of Tomorrow involving Tian and Ultimate X.

Solicit Synopsis

Ultimate Falcon makes his triumphant return!

  • The Ultimates are attacked from all sides!
  • Nick Fury turns to the one man who can save the Ultimates!


  • This issue shows a clear map of the South East Asian Republic. The "Republic" encompasses parts of India, China, Japan, Australia, and most of Polynesia.

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