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Human Torch

Appearing in "Chapter Two"

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Synopsis for "Chapter Two"

In the Upper West Side of New York, Jimmy Hudson is brought, unconscious, to Reverend Stryker by one of his followers. He states that he is doing God's work.

At Union Square Park, Rogue is facing down the Nimrod Model Sentinels that are pursuing her, when Shroud, Iceman and Human Torch intervene. The Sentinels identify the Mutants, excluding Johnny, and give them an opportunity to surrender. Johnny, not being a target, attacks one of them, causing little-to-no damage. Kitty then attempts to phase through one of them to disrupt their circuits, but a forcefield prevents this. The Sentinels, having their request broken, engage, shattering Iceman's arms as he attempts to attack them. Johnny grabs Bobby and flees while Kitty cleverly phases through the ground and emerges at Rogue's location to retrieve her. A train bares down on them, but they phase right through it and hitch a ride away from the area.

The group meets on a building rooftop. Kitty attempts to scold Rogue, but Rogue claims that she is doing God's work and that He spoke to her, giving her instructions, and predicting that Kitty and the rest would save her.

Elsewhere, Stryker is questioning Elise Cartwright about the nine mutant children she has been providing refuge to. She refuses to cooperate so Stryker kills her. One of his men enters and claims that he found the children exactly where Stryker said they'd be. Stryker states that God informed him of the children's location.

Solicit Synopsis

The world is in a state of sheer panic. The United States government has been outed as the creator of the X-Gene and mutants have been branded terrorists. It is in this insanity that the X-Men emerge. How will these former X-Men fair in a world where they are criminals? Will they be willing to defend mankind when all of humanity cries out for their imprisonment?

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