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Synopsis for "Chapter Three"

Valerie Cooper enters the White House to meet with the President of the United States when she sees Nick Fury leave in a hurry. She finds Pietro Lensherr sitting with the President and he introduces himself. They discuss security measures for the White House, against possible mutant attacks, when Pietro mentions that he has a plan involving Cerebro.

Reverend Stryker prepares for an attack and his men state that they are in position.

In the Morlock Tunnels, Iceman, Human Torch, Shroud and Rogue come across a little boy with a slug-like creature protruding out of his back. The boy reveals that he's a mutant and the creature is his brother, Joshua. He asks if they can help his friend, Jimmy, who has been severely injured. He tells them that they were both imprisoned by Stryker and Jimmy helped him, and all the other captured mutants, escape. Though most of them were shot and killed, the boy managed to escape with Jimmy, but not before Jimmy himself was riddled with bullets. Later, when Jimmy wakes up, he tries to convince the group that they have to stop Stryker before he does something horrible.

Stryker orders the attack and his snipers, positioned in New York City, Washington, D.C., and Chicago, kill human law officials. He reveals himself and states that everyone must heed the word of the Lord.

Solicit Synopsis

The secret is out! The whole world knows that the U.S. Government created mutants! Everyone with an X-Gene is mercilessly hunted and branded as a terrorist! With the war against mutants back on, will the X-Men fight back?


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