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Synopsis for "Chapter Four"

Several months ago, after Magneto's attack on New York, William Stryker lead an attack on Xavier's School, resulting in the death of several of his men and young mutants. Afterward, in the nearby forest, Stryker is seemingly approached by his father, William Stryker, Sr. He tells his son to be a man and to follow God's will. Some time later, Stryker enters a tent at a camp set up for anti-mutant militia to speak.

At the White House, the President of the United States converses with Quicksilver and Valerie Cooper about the implementation of Cerebra, Pietro's upgraded version of Cerebro. They are interrupted by Philip who turns on the news, revealing the killings going on in Times Square by Stryker. In Times Square, Stryker's men bring truckloads of young mutants in shackles. He intends to show the world what he plans to do with them.

In the Morlock Tunnels, Kitty, Johnny, Jimmy and Bobby argue over whether or not to help the mutants in trouble. Kitty states that it is a bad idea, informing them that Peter would want them to stay safe. Johnny, taking offense to her using Peter to settle the argument brings up the fact that she was nowhere to be seen during the battle with Norman Osborn that resulted in Peter getting killed. Kitty punches Johnny and walks away. They head out on their mission to take Stryker down. Upset, Kitty speaks with the young mutant that brought Jimmy to them earlier. He tells her that Rogue is friends with Stryker. Rogue approached Stryker a while ago, asking for mercy. She intends to lead the others into a trap.

Solicit Synopsis

Stryker’s back in a bad way!

  • Our heroes must assemble to put an end to Stryker's evil plan!
  • Is there a traitor amidst the new X-Men?

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