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Synopsis for "Betrayal!"

Rogue checks on Reverend Stryker and discovers that Kitty's's killed him. Kitty readies to attack Rogue as well, for her betrayal, but the Nimrod Sentinels attack them and the other mutants. When they are about to unleash their full attack which would normally kill everyone in the vicinity, Kitty gets the idea to have everyone hold on to her and the attack phases through all of them, except for one unfortunate young mutant who doesn't make it to her in time. After the attack the Sentinels fly off in search of other targets.

Back in the Morlock Tunnels, Kitty confronts Rogue about her betrayal but Rogue reveals that she had a plan to get Stryker to trust her enough to allow her to touch him when he attempted to "heal" her. She was going to take his ability and use it on him, rendering him powerless. She also states that she was told by God that they need to go to the S.E.A.R. Suddenly, they are interrupted by an apparition of a man calling himself the Oracle of Change, telling them to come to Tian, formerly known as the .E.A.R. It's then revealed that the man she was referring to as God, the man who told Rogue about Tian and how to take down Stryker, was none other than Charles Xavier, who visited her in a church three weeks prior.

Solicit Synopsis

The New X-Men make their valiant last stand against Stryker!

  • Valerie Cooper struggles to fight back Quicksilver’s growing influence on the President.
  • The Nimrod Sentinels make their move, exacting a deadly toll on mutantkind.


  • During the last half of this issue, Johnny Storm and Bobby Drake have each other's hair color.

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