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Appearing in "Ultimate Doom (Part II)"

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Synopsis for "Ultimate Doom (Part II)"

As Susan Storm is trying to be revived by her doctors, she dreams of her previous time with Reed Richards picnicking on top of the Baxter Building. Reed shares his thoughts with Susan that he doesn't "like this world". He elaborates that he thinks on planning to visit other dimensions and finding a perfect world or a world to be perfected, and tells her that he doesn't feel he and his friends belong in that world and wants to find one they "can make [their] own."

Susan is revived and in the process, creates a force-field around her. Ben Grimm enters the field with his powers to calm her down and a deeply upset Susan tells him and everyone that they need to evacuate the Triskelion.

At Roxxon Industries, Dr. Octopus explains to the Brain Trust about Jessica Drew and her cloning origins, and tells that her presence is unrelated to the attack on Roxxon and that her purpose here was for vengeance. Suddenly, Spider-Man appears before them and subdues Octopus and the Brain Trust with his webs. Samuel Sterns, transforming into his Hulk-like form, breaks free and attacks Spider-Man as a freed Jessica proceeds to beat up Dr. Octopus. Spider-Man shortly defeats Sterns and stops Jessica from doing anything further on Dr. Octopus before escaping out of Roxxon. The duo land on a rooftop where Jessica hugs Spider-Man and thanks him for saving her and stopping her from seriously harming Octopus. Thereafter, they see Roxxon is attacked again by the same organic entity which completely crushes the entire building.

Back at the Triskelion, the building's personnel is being evacuated as Susan, Johnny, Ben, Nick Fury, Carol Danvers, Nova, and Mahr Vehl are at the Triskelion's database where Susan needs to access files on Reed and contact Tony Stark. Danvers informs Susan that she and S.H.I.E.L.D. doesn't have the information on Reed, but Fury reveals that he has secret files on him and the entire Baxter Building. Susan then accesses the files and reveals that it contains untold catalogs of different parallel dimensions. Johnny ponders if it is really Reed who is doing this, to which his sister replies it is indeed him. Susan then requests Mahr Vehl in needing blood or urine samples from him, as his physiology was corrupted by Reed's dimensional shift, which she believes contains biological evidence that would lead to Reeds' whereabouts. However, Mahr Vehl is reticent to give her what see needs because as a Kree military attache, allowing access to his biological engineering breaks strict military codes. Fury then points his pistol at Mahr Vehl's head to force him to reconsider. The building then experiences a large tremor which is the sign of Reed's attack. Susan then proceeds to send Reed's information to Tony Stark and the Ultimates as the Triskelion's infrastructure collapses around her and her friends. Finally, the Triskelion explodes.

Solicit Synopsis

THE ULTIMATE UNIVERSE GAME-CHANGER! Sue Storm puts together a team of scientists and heroes to take out the ultimate enemy the likes of which comicdom has never seen before. But will it be enough and will it be in time? The Ultimate Universe shocker continues!!


  • Ben Grimm is shown walking through Sue Storm's force field this issue. It is a power he previously had not possessed.

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