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Quote1.png Psss. Reed Richards is Doctor Doom. He's more Doctor Doom than Doctor Doom was...and Doctor Doom was pretty good at being Doctor Doom. Quote2.png
-- Johnny Storm

Appearing in "Ultimate Doom (Part III)"

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Synopsis for "Ultimate Doom (Part III)"

Susan Storm saves Johnny, Ben, Rick Jones, Mahr Vehl, Nick Fury, and Carol Danvers by propelling themselves out of the destroyed Triskelion with her powers and into the bay, encased in her force-fields. She tells them that they cannot surface as she fears Reed Richards is still watching the events above. She then requests Rick to teleport themselves somewhere. Rick transports everyone to Project Pegasus and finds a lone Wendell Vaughn and learns from him that Richards had taken everything from Pegasus. Fury, fearing that some of the possessions founded by Pegasus are capable of ending/destroying civilization, reluctantly accepts his options of surrendering to Richards. However, Susan rebuffs Fury's idea and states that they still have a chance in stopping Reed by finding him and she needs a lab. But Mahr Vehl tells Susan that they can't as Reed has found a way to infect Earth's technologies with an extra-dimensional virus and that if anything were to interface the genetics found in Mahr Vehl, Reed can destroy it and its users. Compounded by this fact, the group needs to find a secure lab or working station. Vaughn fortunately states to them that there is a research lab ten stories below Pegasus - Vaughn informs that the facility was not meant to be a storage site but "the center of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s universe". Fury and Danvers have no knowledge of this.

Meanwhile in Queens, Spider-Man and Jessica Drew rush back to the destroyed Roxxon Industries, now covering in the biomass, to find and rescue any survivors. After saving some scientists and security guards, they find Dr. Octopus trying to keep himself from being crushed to death by the biomass. Despite Drew's delight to see the doctor being slowly killed, Spider-Man conscientiously decides to save him.

Back at Project Pegasus, Susan is working on studying Mahr Vehl's genetic sample. During this time, Danvers shares her guilt that in light of the events that transpired she, as director of S.H.I.E.L.D., failed to do anything to stop Reed's attacks which have caused so many deaths. Fury shows some sympathy to her, telling her to not let her guilt consume her and try to hold on as she can. Johnny and Ben share their concerns on Reed and are surprised of how sudden he just "gone off the deep end". Ben seriously swears that if he is indeed Reed Richards, he will kill his former friend. Susan then finds Reeds' location to be in a pocket dimension where he had been launching those attacks and believes that he is using advanced versions of the same transporter technology that he used to accidentally create the Fantastic Four. Although, she doesn't have the accurate information to pinpoint Reed's location and needs more samples, namely a piece from the organism Reed uses in his attacks. Danvers suggests of taking a sample from Roxxon and Susan commissions Rick to go there and find any scientists to aid them on their research.

In Queens, Spider-Man and Jessica narrowly pull out Dr. Octopus before the entire Roxxon building collapses. Dr. Octopus is grateful towards them for saving him. Rick and Johnny suddenly teleport in behind them. Johnny fills in on them about Reed and collects a sample from the biomass. Spider-Man and Jessica decide to come with them in stopping Reed. Surprisingly, a redemptive Dr. Octopus decided to come along, as he has potential knowledge on Reed and remarks that everything he has - his life and possibly the lives of his brain trust - has been destroyed by Richards. Spider-Man and Jessica are against this, but Rick quickly teleports everyone back to Pegasus.

Solicit Synopsis

The ultimate enemy has revealed himself to be Reed Richards!!! And now the entire Ultimate Universe must band together and stop their old friend from becoming the worst villain the world has ever seen. The penultimate chapter in the most thrilling story in Ultimate Universe history. The fate of many of your favorite ultimate heroes will be decided right here!!


  • Many "Fun Facts" are given this issue on the Baxter Building, the Triskelion, and other landmarks of Earth-1610.
  • This issue also details that the IQ of this reality's Peter Parker is 145.


  • There are some dialogue mistakes this issue. For example, Johnny Storm is called "Mar-Vell" by Nick Fury.

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