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Quote1.png I love you, you love me... Benjamin, will you marry me? Quote2.png
Sue Storm

Appearing in "Ultimate Doom (Part IV)"

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Synopsis for "Ultimate Doom (Part IV)"

The gathered heroes locate Reed in the Negative Zone and confront him with an all-out assault. They best him and his alien creatures with little effort, Johnny even deforms Reed's face with the hottest flame attack he has ever produced for revenge for hurting his sister. Nova and Spider-Man manage to steal the technology that Reed was using to create his new facility and jump between universes, causing the entire facility to collapse. Reed was flung from the facility, causing him to drift aimlessly in the Negative Zone.

The heroes return home and Fury escapes. Peter comes to the conclusion that the attacks on him and his family were the result of Reed figuring out that Peter was smart enough to eventually foil his plans. Carol Danvers offers Spider-Woman a job at S.H.I.E.L.D. and she accepts. Her first duty is to detain Otto, which she gladly does.

Sue approaches Ben and professes her love for him, as he did for her before the attacks started. She proposes to him, stating that every good moment she ever had was because he was near her, and he accepts. In the Negative Zone we see Reed alive.

Solicit Synopsis

THE ULTIMATE UNIVERSE GAME-CHANGER! Reed Richard's has declared war on science and technology and by doing so he has endangered or murdered some of the most important people in the Ultimate Universe. The only people standing in the way of him completing his mission are what are left of the Fantastic Four. In this shocking conclusion to the Ultimate Enemy trilogy you will be witness to a Marvel Comics story unlike any other. Heroes will fall. New heroes will rise. But will the man they once knew as Mister Fantastic pay for his crimes?


  • Jessica Drew joins S.H.I.E.L.D.
  • Sue Storm proposes to Ben Grimm. He accepts.

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