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Wanda Maximoff (Prime) (Earth-61610) from Ultimate End Vol 1 1 003.jpg
Scarlet Witch
We have to make the most of it.
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Peter Parker (Earth-BW20B) from Ultimate End Vol 1 1 001.jpg
Learn to work together.
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Scott Summers (Prime) (Earth-61610) from Old Man Logan Vol 1 5 002.jpg
Yeah, because that always worked in the past.
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Nicholas Fury (Ultimate) (Earth-61610) from Ultimate End Vol 1 1 001.jpg
Nick Fury
At least learn to trust each other.
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Anthony Stark (Prime) (Earth-61610) from Ultimate End Vol 1 1 0001.png
Iron Man
Because we have to.
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Synopsis for 1st story

  • Synopsis not yet written

Solicit Synopsis

• MILES MORALES and the rest of the heroes of the ULTIMATE U face final extinction

• As the end of their world becomes inevitable, will the heroes’ heartbreaking sacrifices make any difference?

• The dramatic end of an era begins here!

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