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Quote1.png Hold on. Didn't you die... twice? Although who am I to talk, I suppose... Quote2.png
Iron Man (Tony Stark)

Appearing in "Doomed"

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  • Unnamed workers-turned-monsters

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Synopsis for "Doomed"

In New Jersey, at the site of the Galactus Event. A team of construction workers discover a strange seismic readings. One of the workers believe may have hit a sewage line, but only for a strange geyser to suddenly burst from the ground.

The Future Foundation is called in and have identified the anomaly as another transdimensional anomaly as the residual radiation coming from the liquid is analyzed to be from another universe. This is hardly new as Iron Man confirms that there have been five transdimensional rifts in the past three weeks. Currently, a dome is created over the rift in which the workers are trapped in there. Susan Storm and Machine Man have analyzed the dome to confirm that there is still life inside. Susan, Iron Man, and Falcon enters the dome and find themselves confronted by monstrous creatures, who are the workers mutated by the rift. Contact between them and Machine Man and Phil Coulson is lost.

Coulson and Machine Man plans to request help from other heroes known in S.H.I.E.L.D.'s database, but they are currently all out of work. Machine Man knows someone who can, but Coulson objects in which he points that this man is unstable and untrustworthy. Machine Man urges that he is the only one who can help right now and had even saved the world in the past. Coulson reluctantly concede and orders to prepare for Prisoner 5-7-62.

Meanwhile, Susan is trying to hold off the creatures while Iron Man and Falcon prepare to close the rift. Unfortunately, they failed to do so and the rift is about to breach. The three retreat and ponder what they so do next. Falcon cautiously suggest of requesting Reed Richards' help for his foremost knowledge on parallel universes. Suddenly, the container of Prisoner 5-7-62 enters into the dome. Susan believes Coulson and Machine Man have deployed Reed and that he intends to kill the mutated workers. The rift begins to collapse from within and, contrary to Susan's fears, the workers are reverted back to normal. Susan approach the prisoner she believed to be Reed, but it is not him. It is Doctor Doom.

Solicit Synopsis

• The Future Foundation is all that stands between us and COMPLETE AND UTTER DOOM.

• Sue Storm, Tony Stark, Machine Man and Sam Wilson face the ONCOMING DESTRUCTION.

• A mysterious new member will join their ranks, whether they like it or not. Hint: They will not.



  • Doctor Doom's prisoner number is 5-7-62. This is a reference to the date of the first appearance of Earth-616's Doctor Doom: July 5, 1962.

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