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Appearing in "Palace of the Brine: Part 1"

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Synopsis for "Palace of the Brine: Part 1"

The Future Foundation is sent to investigate the underwater city of Lemuria, which is described by Phil Coulson as a "underwater country club for the filthy rich" and funded by the Kratos Club in which Iron Man was previously acquainted. There are 153 people inhabiting the city and have mysteriously disappeared. Prior to their disappearance, Machine Man had registered a massive surge of transdimensional energy.

After docking their submarine, Iron Man detect life signs below them. Doom takes point and senses something behind a door. The door bursts open and out comes Namor, who immediately attacks Doom given that he had imprisoned him. Doom doesn't seem to acknowledge his previous encounter with Namor. Susan restrains Doom and Namor and ordering them to calm down. They consent. Their fight however had caused significant damages to the docking tunnel, forcing the FF and Namor to escape into the city proper and their access to the submarine cut off. As Susan contacts Coulson on their situation, Namor continues where he left off in finding the people who have taken him prisoner in Lemuria. Susan assigns Falcon to find out what is happening on topside and making sure that there aren't any structural damages, Iron Man and Doom to hack Lemuria's computers while she accompany Namor to find those life signs.

On the surface, Coulson and Machine Man digest on what they gathered from Susan. They know of Namor to be an exiled ruler of the Atlantean empire and held in prison until his release by Dr. Mary Storm, and his attempt to flood the American eastern seaboard. Dr. Mary Storm was declared missing following the Ultimatum Wave. Machine Man suggest of calling Susan's brother Jonathan for any leads. Just then Machine Man detects more life signs appearing on the monitors numbering within a hundred.

Namor discuss with Susan about Doom. He is confused of how Doom is currently alive as he saw his death at the hands of Benjamin Grimm. Before Susan could question him, Namor senses something very familiar and promptly dashes off.

Iron Man and Doom talk about what Namor said to the latter about watching him die. Doom is puzzled by Namor's statement to which Iron Man recalled that he went into another universe to save their universe and returned to kill everyone in the Ultimatum event. Doom profess that it wasn't him and conclude that it was an impostor who committed those acts. Iron Man and Falcon find more life signs and fluctuation in the dimensional rift, which Falcon theorize that the missing inhabitants are trapped in between dimensions.

Susan calls to the others that she and Namor has found something that she needs their help. They are confronted by Atlantean soldiers, who are not too pleased to see Namor and identified him as the betrayer. Susan stalls the Atlanteans with her force-fields and urging Namor to get the others for help. Namor reluctantly does so but only to encounter more Atlantean soldiers. Doom, Iron Man, and Falcon have arrive in time. Iron Man analyzed the Atlanteans to be from another universe, specifically Universe-14727. The Atlanteans overwhelms the FF and Susan's shields finally breaks. But the Atlanteans are then ordered to be stop by their leader, Queen Namora, who commands her followers to bring her "ex-husband" and his companions before her while she personally dealt with Susan, whom she presumes her to be Namor's "concubine."

Solicit Synopsis


• A lavish vacation spot for the super-rich suddenly goes dark, with hundreds missing...

• And the only suspect is an old frenemy of the FANTASTIC FOUR

• Meanwhile, the truth of the team’s mysterious fourth member spells doom for another member of the team!

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