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Quote1.png When I was little, Spider-Man saved me from a fire so I didn't die. Do you need a hug right now? Quote2.png
—Little girl at Spider-Man's funeral.

Appearing in "Spider-Man No More (Part I)"

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Synopsis for "Spider-Man No More (Part I)"

In the aftermath of his ultimate death match against the murderous and deceased Green Goblin, Spider-Man has died in the arms of Aunt May and Mary Jane Watson. The death of Spider-Man has affected the entire planet negatively. Gwen Stacy sits in her house and considers herself to be a curse. J. Jonah Jameson knew that Peter Parker was Spider-Man and can't think of a way to print this out for the Daily Bugle, eventually giving up. Both the Human Torch and Kitty Pryde are shown to be saddened at the loss of their friend, the former even bursting out in rage. Mary Jane Watson, meanwhile, blames Nick Fury for Peter's death. Tony Stark foots the bill for the largest funeral in New York. When at the funeral, Aunt May is visited by a young girl who Spider-Man once saved from a fire. Aunt May is then approached by a remorseful Captain America who states that what happened to Peter was his fault.

Solicit Synopsis

The End Before the Beginning.


The scene when May and Gwen are entering Saint Patrick's Cathedral church is tied with Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #4.

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