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Quote1.png Therapy. People like you trying to manufacture an emotional response. You should know that it usually ends with the therapist's head either smashed in or located somewhere in the monster's belly. Quote2.png
-- Bruce Banner

Appearing in "Spider-Man No More (Part III)"

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Synopsis for "Spider-Man No More (Part III)"

While at the funeral of Spider-Man, Tony Stark has a flashback revolving around the funeral of his brother Gregory Stark. During that time, he had an encounter with Jonathan Blackhaven of Blackhaven Pharmaceuticals who asked Tony to finish his brother's work. Meanwhile, Kitty Pryde decides to go into hiding with the Human Torch and Iceman whilst Karen Grant (the alias of Jean Grey) helps Bruce Banner remember the first time he lost control and transformed into the Hulk.

Solicit Synopsis

The End before The Beginning.


  • Tony Stark mentions that with his brother's estate added to his own, he's now worth 91 billion dollars.

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