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Wow. That ain't nice at all. I think an apology of some sort is due. To all of us, really. We'll wait.
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Spider-Man? I thought you was dead.
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Appearing in "Spider-Man No More (Part IV)"

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Synopsis for "Spider-Man No More (Part IV)"

A new Spider-Man appears in New York City and defeats a violent Kangaroo. Many of the onlookers state that they believe someone wearing a Spider-Man suit so quickly after his death is in poor taste. When the young man unmasks, he also echoes the sentiment.

Reed Richards recalls how he escaped from the Negative Zone. He linked into various pieces of technology and teleported out. He thinks to himself that, "I'm going to solve everything". His experiment with survival leads him to create a "dome" and many "Children of Tomorrow". He laments that many of them will not "make it" in his plans.

In Washington, D.C., Valerie Cooper shares some ice cream with a reporter named Brett. The reporter, Brett, wants an interview with Captain America. However, in the course of the conversation Brett discloses her research and information with Val. Val quickly ends their meeting and phones her superiors and informs them that the world is about to find out U.S. government created mutants. To Be Continued!

Solicit Synopsis

The End before The Beginning.



  • Richards' first thought when he returns to Earth is similar to the mainstream Reed Richards' idea "#101" to "solve everything."
  • Richards' new costume as the Maker and the uniforms of the Children of Tomorrow are similar in some aspects to the mainstream Future Foundation uniforms, in colors and the use of geometrical figures.

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