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Nick Fury

Appearing in "Spider-Man No More (Part V)"

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Synopsis for "Spider-Man No More (Part V)"

Philip Hanstead meets with Pietro Lensherr, Quicksilver, to carry out some business in regards to the mutant race. Meanwhile, Nick Fury is told that the European Union has reconstituted the Super-Soldier Program which will be led by Jamie Braddock as the new Captain Britain. There are also reports that the Southeast Asian Republic (S.E.A.R.) is attempting to start their own Super-Soldier project, and tensions between Argentina and Uruguay are rising to the point of all out war. To make all matters even worse, Fury is told by a White House representative that the President is planning on cutting S.H.I.E.L.D.'s budget by thirty percent, leaving Fury to wonder how he can protect the United States against growing threats with dwindling resources and the loss of the world's greatest hero, Spider-Man.

Solicit Synopsis

The End before The Beginning. What will become of Captain America? Where have all the X-Men gone? And what is up with the new Spider-Man suit? Don’t miss the final chapters of one of the most talked about Ultimate events ever.


  • Hawkeye is ordered into action to the S.E.A.R. His adventure will continue to be chronicled in Ultimate Hawkeye Vol 1 1.
  • Nick Fury notes that six Triskelions have now been completed and are located around the world. The Hellicarrier fleet is being retasked. Two orbital weapons platforms are also being secretly built.

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