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Quote1.png I should've taught him more. I should have slowed the world down so a boy like that could become the man he was supposed to become. Quote2.png
Nick Fury

Appearing in "Spider-Man No More (Conclusion)"

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Synopsis for "Spider-Man No More (Conclusion)"

Aunt May and Gwen Stacy decide to take Tony Stark up on his offer to relocate. They chose to relocate in France. Kitty Pride takes Johnny and Bobby to the Morlock Tunnels where they plan to live apart from society. Steve Rogers resigns his position as Captain America and turns in his shield to Nick Fury. Nick Fury meets with Mary Jane Watson who is completing her article on how government intrigue killed Peter Parker. Fury tells Mary Jane that he knows that she blames him for his death. A tearful Nick Fury tells her that he also blames himself.

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The End before The Beginning.


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