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Quote1.png Hey, Doctor M. Couple of points. One, you locked us up in a roomful of weird science. Bad move. And two-- I don't even like boys. Quote2.png
Josie Hart

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  • "Mushroom Gun"

Synopsis for 1st story

The Mole Man reappears on the scene and sinks the Baxter Building project at Pinhead Buttes, Oregon. He intends on taking the group of young prodigies there and creating a new civilization underground. He expects the four young people to mate and embrace his vision. The four are also forced to hear the Mole Man recount his origin from birth. They quickly determine not to embrace his vision.

The Fantastic Four investigate and explore many wonders of ancient subterrania, including the ruins of ancient Lemuria. The area also contains a number of monsters which attack the group. When the Fantastic Four similarly reject the Mole Man's offer to stay underground and create his new society. The Mole Man releases his enhanced Ani-Men to attack them.

However, the think tank comprised of four of the smartest children on the planet. This group has a little bit different take on Moley's offer of reconstituting an underground civilization. They develop a "MushroomGun" which destroys all of the Ani-Men. The Mole Man also quickly concedes. Josie and her three fellow prodigies tell the Fantastic Four that they want to stay underground and live there without restrictions from the government. After some discussion, Reed and the Fantastic Four allow the group to stay in peace.

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