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Johnny Storm
Reed, don't even try to--
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Reed Richards
Or else I am going to let Ben give you a swirly in the zero-gravity toilet. After he's used it.
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Johnny Storm
You are a terrorist. I liked you better when you were scared of your own shadow.
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Appearing in "N-Zone: Part 3"

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  • Awesome

Synopsis for "N-Zone: Part 3"

Commandeering their new space vessel "The Awesome:" through the -Zone, Sue and Reed make a number of deductions. It is one universe below ours, like maps placed one upon another, it is smaller than our universe, and it is a biosphere that with a food chain that includes parasites that feed off corpses.

During the voyage, Johnny feels cold and despite the Torch's objections, Reed tells him he will be examined on board. Before this can take place, Reed establishes radio contact with the aliens. Although, Ben advises caution, the group agrees to establish physical contact with the inviting aliens. Suddenly the four come face to face with the Nihil. To Be Continued.

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