Agent Lumpkin
Stay put, boy! My orders were to acquire and hold you.
Conversation Tail
Jonathan Storm (Earth-1610) from Ultimate Comics X-Men Vol 1 1 0001
Johnny Storm
You hold me, man, you're gonna burn your fingers.
Conversation Tail

Appearing in "Think Tank: Part 1"

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  • Phineas Mason's "Crowd Control" Gel System

Synopsis for "Think Tank: Part 1"

The Fantastic Four are being escorted back to the Baxter Building after their alien showdown in Las Vegas. This leaves the team confused, not knowing what is next for the Fantastic Four. The pilot of the helicopter tells the passengers that he is not getting any response from the Baxter Building due to interference. Reed Richards then receives a message over the intercom, telling him he better think quick. The helicopter loses power and starts to free fall. Johnny Storm flies out, using his powers to lead the helicopter towards the Baxter Building, while Reed parachutes it to safety. As the helicopter crash lands into the roof, Sue Storm creates a shield around them to protect them from impact. Things become a bit difficult for Sue as her powers put a strain on her body.

In the Baxter Building, Reed explains they were hit by an EMP, something he was working on last year to short out objects. Lumpkin discovers ID badges scattered around the floor. Johnny quickly assumes they were left there for them to be found. Even though Lumpkin thinks it is a bad idea, the Fantastic Four and their escorts head down into the building knowing it is a trap. Inside they learn of their captor, Rhona Burchill. Burchill sends a being down to intercept the team, alerting Richards that she has not harmed anyone but has sealed them with limited oxygen. Ben Grimm tears down the door to discover the Baxter Building workers strung up with gel. The being sent by Burchill attacks causing Johnny to get defensive, burning up the oxygen in the room. It is only Reed and the being, Burchill speaking through it. Richards looks to cut off the system through the second terminal but is too late as Burchill has already compromised the machine. After a blinding flash, Burchill stands above Richards, ready to show him the next step.


  • Phineas Mason is again mentioned, but does not appear. His shortcomings and genius have been discussed for months. He will eventually appear in Ultimate Fantastic Four Annual 2.

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