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Quote1.png They said it all started with a flash in the sky and a ripple through the clouds. Nobody knows what caused this exactly, but some people think it might be a punch. Was he really that strong? Had the infection made him so determined to get here in search of a brand new food supply? At the time I said no... but having experienced this hunger firsthand I'm afraid that I now know better. The Avengers were the first on the scene. Can you picture them? Faces grave, concerned for all those human casualties. That idiot Colonel America reassuring everyone that everything would be fine now that the super heroes have arrived. What they didn't know is that the infection had targeted the super heroes of this dimension and a thousand realities before us. This was how it consumed, you see... by infecting super heroes just like him and sending them out to infect the others. Within twenty-four hours, we'd consumed the entire planet. One super hero from an infected universe... That was all it took to end an entire world. Quote2.png
Zombie Mister Fantastic (Reed Richards)

Appearing in "Crossover: Part 2"

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  • Civilian cars, trucks, and cabs (First and only known appearance)

Synopsis for "Crossover: Part 2"

The background of the other universe is briefly given before going back to Reed and the zombie Fantastic Four. Reed asks them why they brought him to their universe, and they reply that they just ran out of food. Mr. Fantastic wraps himself around Reed, demanding Invisible Woman to trap him in a force field, but she hesitates and Reed escapes into the sewers. Human Torch follows him, but Reed escapes into the streets, where Spider-Man webs him up against a wall. They all talk about "missing a fantastic specimen running through Manhattan." However, Hulk comes through a building and tries to eat Reed, but is hit by a semi truck. The other zombies run from a rain of cars, controlled by Magneto. Magneto tells Reed that he "is all he has right now."

Meanwhile back at The Baxter Building, Johnny asks Sue where Reed was. They travel to Reed's lab along with Ben, and they encounter Reed's teleporter. Back in the other universe, Magneto shows Reed his refuge, made out of a railway tunnel blocked with cars. Reed encounters three other survivors, one of whom points a gun at Reed, saying that Reed was a super hero and will be infected. Magneto tells her to put her gun down and introduces the other survivors, a man and his diabetic daughter named Mindy (who is running low on insulin). Mindy and Magneto ask Reed if he is related to Mr. Fantastic from that universe, to which Reed replies that he's from another universe. Magneto asks Reed that if he's given the infected a chance to go to another reality, which Reed realizes that Magneto's right. But back at Reed's lab, the teleporter becomes activated. Sue asks if Reed is coming through, but its revealed that it is the zombie Fantastic Four.

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