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Quote1.png Super-Earth. Planet of the Capes. Call it what you like. There's no going back now. Quote2.png
President Thor

Appearing in "President Thor: Part 1"

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Synopsis for "President Thor: Part 1"

In the Nevada desert Reed Richards meets his future self of 24 hours where the Fantastic Four have decided to change time by making sure the accident that gave them their powers never happened, and more importantly never changed Ben Grimm into The Thing. When he returns to the Baxter Building Reed converses with Sue Storm whom is on an archaeological trip with Jean Grey and Kitty Pride of the X-Men. She decides it would be too risky to change time just for the sake of Ben's looks. John Storm mean while is getting a recipe for beer from the zombified Reed Richards who are still in containment. Zombie Reed warns Johnny that their escape is only a week away. Outside on the streets if New York Ben Grimm is in trouble with the NYPD after smashing an undercover police car believing it to be a getaway car.

Ben Grimm is on his way to Johnny Storm's birthday party who has tricked Ben into think it is a costume party causing his spirit to break. When Johnny catches up with Ben he reveals that he believes Reed has forgotten about him and will be stuck as The Thing forever. He confided on how he has contemplated suicide only to be halted by his rocky skin. In the end he questions if Reed would help kill him. This is the what changes the minds of the Fantastic Four to alter history. Reed finished his time portal and the events from the beginning are witnessed again. The Fantastic Four alter history, just as a "Skrull" appears claiming he is "too late".

In the New World, Reed Richards is Vice President of the USA to Thor. Instead of an accident giving powers the Fantastic Four made first contacts with the Skrull alien race who are planning to visit Earth. In this new world there is no poverty and virtually no crime. In addition to this every man, woman and child on the planet has super powers.


  • In this issue, President Thor notes that Chitauri is a "very offensive term" for Skrulls, and they regard the term as "politically incorrect".
  • The "Skrull' shown this issue is eventually revealed to be a time-traveling Ben Grimm in Skrull armor. [1]

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