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Appearing in "President Thor: Part 3"

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Synopsis for "President Thor: Part 3"

When the Fantastic Four stopped the accident that gave them their powers, they were able to explore the universe. This lead to a chance meeting with the Skrulls, who,with a pill, gave every individual on Earth super powers. Now, the Skrulls have revealed their secret agenda, wiping out everyone on Earth with the secondary effect of the superpower pill.

The Fantastic Four find the body of Sue Storm, murdered by Kl'rt. Reed leaps into action, wrapping the Skrull elder in his elastic body. As he sees there is not hope for the super-human race, Reed commands Johnny to go nova, hoping to take out the Skrull invaders. Jasmine grabs the powerless Ben Grimm and flies him out of danger, Johnny going supernova and burning everything around him, killing Reed. It is ineffective as the Super Skrull steps out of the flames unharmed. He grabs Johnny by the head showing him the force of his own power, killing him instantly.

Ben holds a deteriorating Jasmine, the whole world crumbling around him. As Jasmine dies in his arms, the Super Skrull tracks him down, counting down the living beings on the planet until Ben is the last of his species. Ben starts to laugh, confusing Kl'rt. Ben sees the flaw in Kl'rt's plan, the suit he wears mimics the powers of those around him, but if there is no one with superpowers around him, the suit is rendered useless. Ben beats the Skrull, stealing his suit and leaving the elderly Skrull begging to let him live.

Ben leaves the Skrull, making his way to the Baxter Building and to the time machine. He makes the first jump, realizing he was the Skrull who appeared in front of Jasmine and himself. He tries again, appearing a minute too late and witnessing the Fantastic Four successfully use the teleporter. The final jump in time brings Ben to the point before the Fantastic Four repair the machine. Ben successfully sabotages the machine before being tackled by the super-powered version of himself. With both versions of Ben touching, the Argiopes coming down to rectify time. As a last resort, the Skrull suit Ben travels five hundred years in the past to die, his body discovered by Sue and the X-Men in the present. Before the Fantastic Four can react, the accident that created them happens.

Back in their universe, Grimm is disappointed by the failure of their mission, having to watch himself be attacked by giant spiders. He ends up in the park, depressed over his incurable situation. At the Baxter Building, Sue and Reed are speaking to the zombified Fantastic Four, learning about how they dealt with Grimm and his appearance. The zombies tell Reed it is not worth it as they are getting bored and will be out in a week.

Grimm sits on his bench in the park, sobbing away when a woman comes up to him. She sits next to him and mentions she is a sucker for sensitive guys. She introduces herself as Alicia Masters, a sculpture student at the School of Visual Arts. After Ben finds out she is blind, Ben becomes more self-confident putting his arm around her. Unknown to him, they are being watched by Doom, setting on getting his revenge.

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