Quote1.png Yes, your condition is absolutely fascinating... But regardless, Susan... I can't tell you how happy I am to see you. Quote2.png
-- Mole Man

Appearing in "The Fantastic: Part 3"

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  • N-Zone Transmitter


Synopsis for "The Fantastic: Part 3"

There is a smoldering hole at the platform of the N-Zone initiator. Several feet away Reed Richards lies in the dirt. His body is losing its cohesion and his limbs have stretched beyond realistic measures.

Army personnel and scientists swarm the platform trying to understand what has happened. Some of General Ross' men find Reed's disfigured form but assume it to be some creature that teleported to Earth from the N-Zone. They open fire on him, but Reed's newly pliant body absorbs the impact and flings the bullets harmlessly back upon them.

Dr. Franklin Storm is overwrought with grief for he believes his children, Sue and Johnny, are dead. Shortly thereafter, the base receives a telephone call confirming that Ben Grimm survived the blast as well. Ben has been teleported to Mexico City and transformed into a huge, rock covered monstrosity.

Elsewhere, Johnny Storm awakens inside of a hospital bed in France. He has no idea what has happened to him. As he becomes more and more agitated, his body temperature rises until he literally bursts into flame. The ambient heat from his body melts all of the equipment in the room, setting off the sprinklers. The water from the sprinklers eventually douses Johnny's flame.

A call is made to the Baxter Building in New York and Dr. Storm is relieved to discover that Johnny is still alive. As of yet, there is no word on Sue or Victor Van Damme. Reed realizes that Victor changed the coordinates on the teleporter at the last minute. Reed and Victor had argued about some of the computations, but he was under the impression that they had finally agreed on the specific spatial coordinates for the experiment. Apparently, Victor must have altered them at the last minute. Reed further theorizes that the strange physical manifestations that everyone seems to be developing are similar to that of the four elements of creation: earth, air, fire, and water.

Meanwhile, Sue Storm awakens in an underground cavern. She is shocked to discover that her body has turned partially translucent – almost invisible. But this is not the most surprising thing affecting her right now. Arthur Molekevic, her former science instructor, escorted by a colony of strange mutant drones discovers Susan upon the cavern floor.

Solicit Synopsis

Reed Richards' revolutionary scientific experiment has gone terribly wrong, and he, Sue & Johnny Storm, Ben Grimm and another rival schoolmate are changed forever, along with the entire world! So where does the misanthropic "Mole-Man" fit into all this?


  • First appearance of the Mole Man's Ani-Men. In the Ultimate Universe, the Ani-Men are the equivalent of the Earth-616 Moloids. They are not to be confused with the animalistic super-villains known as the Ani-Men.
  • This issue features a letters page, Ultimate Fantastic Four. Letters are published from Todd Matthy, Robert Sobonjian, Cmdr_Y, Nick Borelli, Kenneth Livitski, Nathan Patton, Mark M., Mark Iosifescu, Michael Wheeler, Mark B., and Ramonesduude.

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