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Appearing in "Frightful: Part 2"

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Synopsis for "Frightful: Part 2"

The Frightful Four line up, in front of the glass, watching the guards gather. The main guard asks what Reed has behind his back. Reed refuses to answer until the guard demands him to reveal what he is hiding. Frightful Reed brings his hands forth, showing the guard all he has is a pen. A pen that he has enhanced with the chemicals in the food they have been given to make the pen into a teleporter. The Frightful Four decide their destination to begin infecting this world, put their hands together, and disappear before the guards eyes. The guards panic, sounding the alarm and entering the cell with their guns aimed. As they turn their backs, the Frightful Four become visible, having used Sue's powers to conceal themselves from the onlookers. The attack, getting a warm, living meal for the first time in weeks, laughing at how gullible the guards were to their threat. Before the living guards can seal the cell, Reed makes the jump through the doors, the whole Baxter Building in danger. The Johnny of this universe looks to help but is still sick from the extraterrestrial being that is growing inside of him. Franklin Storm makes the difficult decision of sealing the fifty to sixty scientists in the top half of the building, making it inescapable for the Frightful Four. Franklin attempts to make a deal with the zombies, hoping to save the lives of those locked in with the infected. The Frightful Four refuse Franklin's help as he does not have anything they want and everything they need is locked up in the labs with them.

While the Baxter Building is under lockdown, Ben, Sue, and Reed are away in Latveria to meet with Victor Von Damme about saving Johnny. Victor has already been expecting the trio, knowing of Johnny's condition as he has grown more powerful in his country since the last they met. Victor reveals his bitterness of Reed, having his reputation ruined by Reed putting all the blame of the teleportation accident on him. Victor is amused that Reed had to come to him for help with Johnny as Reed could not find a cure himself. Victor has one condition to make with Reed for Johnny's cure, that he asks to be alone with Mr. Richards. Victor has Mary Storm, Johnny and Sue's mother, to escort Sue and Grimm out of the room. Sue is shocked to see her mother working for the tyrant as he had tried to kill them in the past. Mary explains that Victor has been funding all her research and they have gained so much knowledge from the Atlantis ruins that they would not believe all the breakthroughs they have made.

Sue and Grimm reluctantly go with Mary, as Victor explains to Reed what the being inside him is. Victor shows Reed the discovery he has made in the ancient books from Atlantis. The creature in Johnny is called Zvilpogghua, a creature that was cast into the Abyss by the ancestors of Atlantis. Reed asks if Victor can recreate the exorcism of the creature, sending it back where it came from. Victor can but he still has the one request of Reed, he wants to become Reed and lead the Fantastic Four. Victor wants to break Reed's ego, and the best way of accomplishing this feat is to become Reed and show him how much it means to be him and how much it hurts to take it all away. Victor will perform a mind swap with Reed, and unless Reed agrees, Johnny will be thrown into the N-Zone. Reed realizes that the creature did not enter Johnny in the N-Zone but was summoned by Victor in order to construct this entire situation, all to regain his honor.

While Reed makes his decision, Sue and Grimm receive the distress call from the Baxter Building, finding out about the zombies escape and capture of the top half of the building. Sue rushes in to get Reed, finding Victor and him standing in front of each other, letting off smoke. Reed has the information to rid Johnny of his creature. The trio leave Victor's palace, Sue noticing a change in attitude with Reed as he explains what they are going to do next. Back in the palace, Mary walks in on Victor, crying to himself.

At the Baxter Building, Franklin speaks to the Frightful Four once again. He notices they have been working on the teleporter and is in full support to see them go back to their own dimension. Zombie Sue laughs, revealing that they are not working to go back home, but they are bringing home to them by letting all their zombie friends come through.


  • This issue contains a letters page, Ultimate Fantastic Four. Letters are published from Bill Smith, Jens Naeyaert, Tim Gorski, Dieter Nagy, and Butch Mappa.

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