Quote1.png This place smells. And the indigenes--they look just human enough to be creepy. It's like a bad sense-net flick. Planet of the Monkey People. Quote2.png
-- Vykni commenting on New York City and humanity.

Appearing in "God War: Part 1"

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  • Sky-Eater (First appearance)

Synopsis for "God War: Part 1"

Reed Richards and Susan Storm are shopping at a cosmetic store. Suddenly a group of super beings, known as Seed Nineteen, teleported into the midst of the store and having been escaping from their enemies. The group's leader, Threshold, is confuse as to why they are lead to Earth by a being called Seed. Among the group, the team's sentient vehicle Sky-Eater is unconscious (i.e. immobile) and a man called Tesseract I seriously injured. The group are extremely concern of the latter and are encountered by a gun-wielding security officer. However, Threshold easily manage to absorb the officer's bullets and Vykni conjure and merge the debris of the store into a giant organism and allows to attack the officer. Fortunately Sue save the officer, and Reed easily cut the organism horizontally in half. But the two are quickly defeated by Dreamcatcher and Threshold. As the New York City Police arrived on the scene, Threshold have Dreamcatcher cloak the team in human disguises. Force to abandon Sky-Eater, Seed Sixteen then easily walk out of the scene. As they walk the city streets, Vykni finds the city and its people odd since they are coordinated to a lesser known dimension due to previous circumstances, while the group are concern of Tesseract and especially Sky-Eater. The group then find their way to Central Park for a clearing zone to establish a beacon to their home dimension; however, Threshold suddenly discover that they are trapped on Earth.

Seed Nineteen

Back at the cosmetic store, Lieutenant Lumpkin and his troops arrives and find Reed and Sue. The two explain what has happened to Lumpkin and Sue strongly suggest of confiscating Sky-Eater. Outside of the store, the soldiers are transporting the vehicle and Reed discovers the Seed lying on the ground.

In Central Park, Brute is dismayed to learn from Threshold that she has lost Seed and without it they cannot return home. The team then put Tesseract in a clearing as Vykni transforms the nearby trees into sentient guardians. Threshold then orders Vykni to stay with Sky-Eater while she and the others attempt to recover the Seed.

At the Baxter Building, Reeds relates to Johnny Storm and Benjamin Grimm of the encounter with Seed Nineteen as he studies the Seed. Meanwhile, Sue and her father Dr. Franklin Storm examines Sky-Eater. Sue explains to her father about the vehicle being alive giving that it is photosynthesizing, but reveals that it is also dying if not treated soon.

Some blocks away, Dreamcatcher reveals to Seed Nineteen that she has located the Seed in the Baxter Building.

Reed is trying to communicate with the Seed. Suddenly, the Seed emits a bright light that engulfs Reed. At the bottom floor of the building, Seed Nineteen have bypass the building's security and are about to utilize the elevator. Ben and Johnny overhears the building's alarms and investigate what is happening as they await side-by-side with Lumpkin and his men for Seed Nineteen. As the elevator opens, they find them disguise as children. Not realizing who he is dealing with, Johnny approach Fountain and greets him. Once upon touching Johnny, Fountain cause him to burst him into flame in which Johnny actually feels absolute pain from his own fire.


Seed Nineteen crossing a street as similar to the cover of Abbey Road.

  • The God War story arc pays homage to Jack Kirby's Fourth World. The characters Seed Nineteen are a pastiche of the Forever People.
  • When Seed Nineteen crosses a street it is a reference to the front cover of The Beatles' album, Abbey Road.

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