Quote1 Take Tesseract alive, but kill the rest. And mark your passage with fire. First impressions are so important. Quote2
-- Gallowglass

Appearing in "God War: Part 2"

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Synopsis for "God War: Part 2"

Johnny Storm couldn't control his power as he is feeling actual pain from his fire, and is about to "go nova". Ben Grimm quickly solve this by breaking a wall to the outside and immediately throws Johnny out as he explodes his power. Ben and the Baxter Building's soldiers confronts Seed Nineteen, who have taken their adult human guise, and Magnificent Brute attacks Grimm and incapacitate him with his neurotoxin. After this Seed Nineteen proceeds to find Seed.

Meanwhile, Reed Richards is unconscious and finds himself in a mental plane in which he then communicates with Seed, who reveals her astral form as a woman. See introduced herself as Seed Nineteen and that her "children" (the Seed Nineteen team) that Reeds and Susan met are named collectively after her, and are considerable likable if she lets Reed live.

Meanwhile, Susan is curing Sky-Eater and her father notice the building's alarms. Sue then senses Seed Nineteen's presence, who are cloaked by Dreamcatcher, and block an energy blast from Threshold. However, Dreamcatcher subdues Susan by entering her mind. Franklin angrily demands Threshold to stop what they are doing to her daughter and is then minimally subdue by Grail Fountain at Threshold's command. Threshold then begins to notice that the Fantastic Four and the people that they encounter are not bred as soldiers in which Dreamcatcher supports this and fully realized to her team that they have "made a mistake" to concluding Earth as a hostile planet while reading Sue's mind.

In downtown Manhattan, a Acheron task force led by Gallowglass violent teleports amidst the city streets. Upon arrival Gallowglass commands his soldiers, the Ravens, to take Seed Nineteen's Tesseract alive and "mark their passage with fire."

Seed explains to Reed that Seed Nineteen are raised as soldiers despite their homeworld, Halcyon, is a peaceful society but make war as a way to survive. Currently their war against their enemy, Acheron, focus on the Seedling Tesseract who is considered as the most powerful warrior. But the "bigger picture" has something to do with Reed Richards and that requires his death. But she furthermore explained that she doesn't want to kill him as he hadn't made a weapon yet that Acheron have sought for. Before Reed could question her, Seed senses Gallowglass' presence. Realizing that Gallowglass may have found their way to Earth through one of Seed Nineteen's member she entrust Reed to help her children and bids farewell. Reed wakes up and is still confuse of Seed's words to him.

At that moment Gallowglass and the Ravens are confronted by New York City's police force. Gallowglass annihilate them with a single blast of his star-matter powers.

Threshold is at a loss of Dreamcatcher's words and states that the Fantastic Four "stole" Seed. Dreamcatcher corrects her that the Seed wanted to be with the Fantastic Four but doesn't know why, and states the Four's innocence of Susan's humane treatment of Sky-Eater and explains the Fantastic Four's origins, concerning that they are not a "combat unit". Seed Nineteen believes Dreamcatcher's evidence and Threshold admits for being too rash in making necessary hostilities. At this moment Johnny, Reed, Ben and the Baxter Building's soldiers confronts Seed Nineteen. Threshold explains to Reed that Susan didn't take any harm and that their previous actions were out of an misunderstanding. Though upset of the recent events, Reed informs Seed Nineteen to take their Seed and leave, but mentioning about Gallowglass in which alarms Threshold. She then ask Reed to look out the windows in which they see a wide berth of destruction in the middle of the city. Threshold explains that their enemies have tracked them after freeing Tesseract from their prison world, Sheol, and are willing to get him back. Threshold then request the Four's help despite their upset; however, while communicating with Sky-Eater, who has recovered from its injuries, Susan agrees to helping them.

In Central Park, Tesseract has awaken and is oddly communicating with someone. Vykni is confuse of what Tesseract is saying until he realize that he is communicating with Acheron forces in which Gallowglass destroys Vykni's tree-men. Vykni plans on luring Gallowglass and his forces away from Tesseract, but is then subdue by the said Seedling who swears his loyalty to Gallowglass.

Seed Nineteen and the Fantastic Four travels to Central Park in their respective vehicles. They spotted Gallowglass and his forces with Tesseract and in tow as they teleport away. Threshold commands Sky-Eater to match Gallowglass' teleportation frequencies in order to follow him, in which Sky-Eater comply with the Fantastic Four deciding to follow too at the moment notice. As they teleported, they found themselves in front of a massive dragon-like spaceship.

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