Quote1 Glory. And death... can one ever have enough of either? Quote2
-- Ronan

Appearing in "God War: Part 3"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Lilya (First appearance)


  • Earth-1610
    • Acheron
      • The City of Badroulbador
        • The Palace of the First Revelation
    • Firedrake-class Ship AV178, "Redeemer"
    • Pyx
      • Ironwater City



Synopsis for "God War: Part 3"

On Acheron, the capital and homeworld of the "Endless Resurgence", Ronan the Accuser and royal advisor Cordwine escort a life-less encased Thanos across the capital city Badroulbador. Having not heard of one of his father's death due to crushing a rebellion on Pyx, Ronan questions Grulbur, in which he states to be forty-nine days, one of the longest immersions and expecting his strength to be the strongest once he "rises again". Grulbur is also disappointed of Ronan of not receiving his father's order of executing Pyx's males above the age of ten, but finds usefulness among the prisoners.

In space near Pyx, the Fantastic Four and Seed Nineteen are engulf by the living ship, the firedrake Redeemer. Within the Redeemer Gallowglass brief with the ship's captain about the intruders and suggest on having Seed Nineteen capture and have either the Fantastic Four for "recreational use" for the crew or death. It is then later revealed that Tesseract's treachery in Central Park was due to being controlled by neural implants. Seed Nineteen and the Fantastic Four enter the firedrake's hull and their vessels destroyed by the ship's Ravens and Gallowglass, in which the later simply dissolve Susan's forcefield around the Fantasti-car and ripped the vehicle in half. Though Susan is weakened by Gallowglass' attack, the rest of the Four and Seed Nineteen attack Gallowglass and his forces. However, the battle becomes in favor of the Acheron forces with Threshold, Ben Grimm, and Magnificent Brute overpowered by Gallowglass, and Johnny having his fired extinguished. Susan is saved by Dreamcatcher from a small group and Ravens, and is asked by her that Sue's powers may be helpful in saving their friends.

Meanwhile on Acheron, in the Palace of the First Revelation, Cordwine hand-picks the strongest and youthful Pyxian rebels-turned prisoners and offered as sacrificial lambs in reviving Thanos as his spirit absorbs their life-force. Awaken from his sarcophagus, Thanos ask Cordwine about what his son, Gallowglass in which he has found which he has been sought for. Cordwine informs that Tesseract is recovered, but Thanos corrects him that it is not Tesseract but someone else.

On the Redeemer, Brute and Grimm are defeated. Reed tries to save Ben but his body is cuffed by a Raven. As Gallowglass gloats his victory he is cutoff by a energized Sue who demands him to let her friends go or she will hurt him. Gallowglass laughs at Susan's words and begins to mock her, but Susan suddenly controls Gallowglass' forcefield forcing a violent reaction among his molecules much to his shock. Susan explains that it is Dreamcatcher's idea when after Gallowglass first dissolved Sue's forcefield, she figured that it works the other way for Susan. And so without his forcefield, Gallowglass couldn't control his power and star-matter body. With this Gallowglass explodes and destroying the Redeemer in the process.

In Pyx's Ironwater City, a young Pyxian girl noticed a "falling star" (the destroyed Redeemer) from space, and ask her mother if she can make a wish. Though her mother stated that a wish wouldn't be bother given their worsen condition under Acheron rule, the daughter insists on making a pretend wish, "just for luck".


  • This issue contains a Statement of Ownership, Management, and Circulation.

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