I should probably shut up now.
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Invisible Woman
No. You should go back in time and shut up five minutes ago.
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Sorry. When I'm nervous, I talk.
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Appearing in "God War: Part 4"

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Synopsis for "God War: Part 4"

The Fantastic Four have crash landed on the planet Pyx. Johnny is extremely weak and cannot flame on. Reed is in special handcuffs. Tesseract is unconscious and in need of medical attention. Ben is nervous and bemoans the teams luck only to be chastised by Sue. Sue then realizes that Dreamcatcher is inhabiting Johnny's body. Dreamcatcher comes out of Johnny's body. She takes the team to a torture facility that is full of technology. Reed frees himself. Ben and Dreamcatcher leave to find energy sources for Tesseract.

Thanos has returned from a long commune with death. He tells his minions that four aliens have survived the crash (from last issue). One of the aliens, in particular, is of extreme importance to him. Thanos has the to transmit his consciousness into other beings, and slowly drain their life force and does so with one of his followers.

On Planet Halycon, by the World Tree, Darien and another being discuss that they must balance the evil of Thanos and defeat him. Back on Pyx, Ben witnesses a family about to be executed by Thanos' troops. He cannot stand idly by and violently disrupts the proceedings. Ben and Dreamcatcher hurriedly run back to the rest of the team. They explain what has happened. Dreamcatcher notes that Thanos' forces have the technology to quickly track them. Suddenly, Thanos takes control of Ben's body. Thanos tells Reed that the two need to talk.

On Pyx


  • This issue contains a letters page, Ultimate Fantastic Four. Letters are published from Andrew J. Shaw, Butch Mappa, Anthony P., Jens Naeyaert, Jackie Williams, and Andrew J. Shaw.

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