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Appearing in "God War: Part 5"

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Synopsis for "God War: Part 5"

Thanos has taken control of Ben's body and is trying to convince Reed to serve him and build him a Cosmic Cube. Reed naturally refuses. Thanos then threatens to crush a still-weakened Johnny Storm's skull if he will not consent. At this point, Ben rebels against Thanos' mental control. With the aid of Dreamcatcher's intervention, Thanos is dispersed.

Meanwhile, Ronan has arrived on the planet at Ironwater City and is taken to the ruins of Senate House. He plots how to assist his father and help crush any possible rebellion. Meanwhile the Fantastic Four is attacked by Thanos' minions. During the attack, Reed is able to transport the team back to New York City. But something is out of place. Ronan has followed them to earth with his Ultimate Weapon and is preparing to judge them, and the planet Earth, to DEATH.

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