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Quote1.png Let's go wage war in the Fifteenth Century. At least we know we'll have them outgunned. Quote2.png
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Appearing in "Devils: Part 1"

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Synopsis for "Devils: Part 1"

Reed Richards is diligently working around the clock trying to create a cosmic cube. He is shown passed out in his lab. Sue and her father Franklin believe that Richards is obsessed with the project. Sue notes that even though Reed does not need to eat, she strongly urges him to take a break for his own sanity. In 15th century Milan, a group of sorcerers imprison Diablo in his castle to prevent him from going further with his sinister goals. Diablo does not panic. He sees that he cannot break the barrier in his present world, so he focuses his alchemy on the future.

In the present, Johnny takes a date, Donna, to a deserted movie theater. As they make out, she disappears. Ben goes and visits his mother and shows her his transformation into a "Thing". However, during their conversation, she also disappears. In a meeting with General Ross, Sue Storm, Franklin Storm, and Reed Richards, Franklin Storm disappears. Meanwhile, in Reed Richards' parents home, his sister Enid disappears.

Ben has stormed the Baxter Building to get Reed to help him find his mom. He enters a room where Diablo's mystical messenger, Peppone, tells the team that they have been challenged to go through Diablo's portal into the 15th century and defeat the sorcerer. Lumpkin insists on accompanying the team. Seeing the portal outside, Reed decides to accept the challenge.


  • In this issue, Sue explains that Reed Richards does not need to eat to survive.

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