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-- Lt. Lumpkin

Appearing in "Devils: Part 2"

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Synopsis for "Devils: Part 2"

Reed examines how to enter the portal that Diablo has placed in the middle of Manhattan. The portal goes into ancient Milan where Enid Richards, Rachel Grimm and Doctor Storm are being held. Johnny wants to go on the attack immediately, but Reed demands time to formulate a plan. Lumpkin and his troops are also ready for combat.

Reed decides to camouflage the group as a traveling carnival. Johnny is a flame blower. Reed is on stilts. Ben is a "monster" in a cage. Lumpkin is a jester. The plan works until Johnny impulsively flames on. Vecchiato and his fellow alchemists who imprisoned Diablo previously watch all these events. They feel they need to intervene and create water duplicates of the Fantatastic Four that attack the team. These water creatures catch the team by surprise, until Reed deduces that they are made of water. He tells Johnny to boil all the water. When he does so, the water creatures evaporate.

In the castle, Diablo wakes Enid. He requires his help to allow him to teleport outside of the castle and help destroy a world. Ben crashes into the castle and confronts Diablo. However, Diablo turns him into a type of ceramic stone and Ben's body crumbles to the ground into pieces. Diablo continues his plan with Enid for his immortality and the destruction of Earth...


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