Quote1.png This isn't serious? Look at me! I'm blue! I look like that Nightnurse guy out of the freakin' X-Men! Quote2.png
-- Ben Grimm

Appearing in "Devils: Part 3"

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Synopsis for "Devils: Part 3"

Ben Grimm lies apparently dead from Diablo's alchemy in blue pieces on the ground. Enid Richards is bound and glowing, serving as a conduit for Diablo's elixir from the past to the present. The three remaining members of the Fantastic Four attack Diablo. They are beaten back. Reed and Sue are trapped in a quick forming dome created by Diablo. Vecchiato and his two fellow noble alchemists, also attack but he defeats Vecchiato, burning his face, and kills his two comrades.

Reed expands his body and escapes his dome prison. Sue is unconscious, but Reed goes on the attack. Diablo eventually gases him and gloats how he has created a circuit to conquer his world. Reed remote control activates the generator he brought to the past which serves as a "circuit breaker". Diablo's link is snapped. Enid, still glowing with Diablo's energy, punches the evil Alchemist. Diablo disintegrates. Vecchhiato, still weakened his face burned, tells Reed that if they reassemble Ben, piece by piece, and pour Diablo's mixture on him, he may live. The team does this and Ben is slowly restored. However, he is now blue like the elixir, much to his chagrin.

The Four and their family, Lumpkin and his troops are transported back by Vecchiato. Vechiatto is gravely weakened and believes that he is slowly dying. When the Fantastic Four return, Vecchiato writes in his journal that he feels like Moses, and that he has seen the future, where man is more noble, more perfect and lives in harmony with one another.

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