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-- Reed Richards

Appearing in "Silver Surfer: Part 4"

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Synopsis for "Silver Surfer: Part 4"

The Fantastic Four are now living in the Psycho-Man's utopian earth, where there is no pain, failure, or suffering. Reed has strange thoughts. He cannot date the girl he likes (Sue Storm) because she is from the red clan and he is from the blue. His best friend (Ben Grimm) also broods and makes a distinctive number "4" in pebbles. Reed longs for the truth.

Hearing this, the Silver Surfer takes Reed on his void glider outside the parameters of the Psycho-man's control. He explains how the Psycho-Man conquered his home planet of Zenn-La millenniums ago. The Surfer was immune to his control and rebelled. His punishment was to be sealed in his silver skin with cosmic powers of the sun, to serve as the Psycho-Man's agent to find new worlds.

Reed plots his plan to defeat the Psycho-Man around the same time the Psycho-Man learns that Reed has escaped his control. To Be Continued!


Alternative names of Reed, Susan and Johnny probably derive their origins from different real languages: Danum - Ilocano language (Philippines) - Means "Water"; Sansou - Japanese language - Means "Air", "Oxygen" (酸素); etc. Parallels between heroes' abilities and basic elements of nature were mentioned earlyer in the volume.

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