Quote1 And you're a gold man. A bright, shiny, gold man. There were blue and red and yellow and green--lots of colors! But I never saw a gold man before. I think there might have been a silver one once... but I can't remember his name. Quote2
-- Revka Scyros

Appearing in "Silver Surfer: Part 5"

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Synopsis for "Silver Surfer: Part 5"

The Silver Searcher has freed Reed Richards from the Psycho-Man's control, and Reed has freed the rest of the Fantastic Four. They probe the source of the Psycho-Man's control, but run into a trap. They are confronted by Regent and his cosmic allies, Two and Three. The Fantastic Four are in trouble, until an unusually quite Ben Grimm enters the fray. Ben has his mind muddled as Reed later explains that his psyche has been misaligned. However, he does come to his teammates aid when he sees they were imperiled by Regent and his allies.

The Fantastic Four journeys on to confront the Psycho-Man directly who is entertaining young Enid. Reed challenges the Psycho-Man to free Enid from his mental control and let her choose if the world should be under his mental control or free. When she is allowed to choose, Enid chooses freedom and her brother Reed. This angers Psycho-Man and he sends all of his Psi-powers to Reed, to see if he can handle the pressure of controlling billions of people. Reed appears overwhelmed until Sue and the rest of the team join hands with him and bond their minds with his. Reed gains control, defeats Psycho-man and eventually restores the earth to how it was before.

The Surfer leaves to be in solitude in the stars. Psycho-Man is depowered and apparently brainwashed. Regent and his team serve Pscycho-Man. Psycho-Man notes that he used to know a "silver" man, but he can't remember his name.


  • Psycho-Man reveals that his Control-Box is controlled by his mind which allows him to directly control his Psi-Web.

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