Quote1 Man, I feel like I died and came back on a Saturday morning cartoon show! Quote2
-- Thing

Appearing in "Ghosts: Part 2"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:



  • Crimson Dynamo Mark I Armor (Ultimate Version)
  • Multiple other Crimson Dynamo Armors


  • Seven-Ten-Split

Synopsis for "Ghosts: Part 2"

Lured into Siberia to attend a research symposium, Sue Richards aircraft has been shot down. The Fantastic Four rush to investigate and save Sue. They find the craft and a frozen pilot. The pilot has scribbled numbers in the snow, which Reed assumes is a radio frequency. Despite Reed's warnings, Johnny flies off to search for Sue. He soon encounters a Crimson Dynamo.

Back in the United States, Franklin Storm calls Ivan Kragoff pleading with him to search for Sue. Unbeknownst to Franklin, Ivan and his assistant Rutskaya have captured Sue. Sue is in a slumbering state. Kragoff asks her clues on how to splice DNA to another in the N-Zone. Kragoff wants to transfer his dead wife's DNA into Sue's body, so that his wife may live again. However, his assistant Rutskaya stabs him from behind. She wants to become the Invisible Girl herself.

Outside in Siberia, the Dynamo is putting up a formidable fight. Reed eventually zaps the Dynamo with an EMP pulse which incapacitates him. The Dynamo tells the three that he knows where Sue is and leads them there. On the flight, Reed notes that the Dynamo is restricted with his thoughts and is programmed to operate his 23 weapon systems in the armor. Johnny is annoyed by the Dynamo's singing.

Rutskaya is alerted to the intruders. She orders her other Crimson Dynamo prototypes to attack. As she prepares to finish the transfer between she and Sue. Sue awakens and disrupts the process. Rutskaya is merged with Kragoff's captive animals bears and apes. Sue looks on in horror.

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