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-- Johnny Storm

Appearing in "The Fantastic: Part 5"

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  • Army guns

Synopsis for "The Fantastic: Part 5"

At the base of the Baxter Building a massive beast has emerged from the depths of the earth as Reed Richards, Ben Grimm, Johnny Storm and his father professor Storm look on. During the commotion, Johnny accidentally melts the window and falls through. Instinctively he commands “Flame On” and he discovers he can fly in his flaming form. Not to be outdone Ben Grimm plunges from the window after Johnny and slams into the street below.The creature quickly snatches Grimm and tries to consume him, but Ben wedges himself between the jaws. Reed Richards uses his extensible body to wrap the creature’s jaws allowing Ben to escape. The creature swats Ben into the upper floor of a nearby building when Ben emerges he decides to take matters into his own hands and begins to pummel the gigantic creature driving it back into the crater it came from.

SWAT teams and the Army have arrived as the trio of heroes stand at the mouth of the pit. They’re not sure what that creature was. At one point Johnny suspected it might be his missing sister Sue. Ben Grimm doesn't care, he just wants to finish the job so they decide to go down after the creature. As they descend, Johnny’s glowing body reveals unidentified wall markings. When they reach the apparent floor of the pit Johnny burns a bit brighter for a better look around only to reveal that they are surrounded by ani-men.

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