Quote1.png I was old before your world was born, boy. I have bathed in the hearts of stars, and wandered in the mansions of the after-world. My soul is a clenched fist, and Death has kissed it. Quote2.png
-- Thanos

Appearing in "Four Cubed: Part 2"

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  • Skywhales

Synopsis for "Four Cubed: Part 2"

Tesseract and his troops have cut lower and mid-Manhattan from it's moorings and have transported it into space along with the huge Cosmic Cube barrier. In space, the transport is interrupted by "Sky Whales" who ram into the Cosmic Cube barrier in a suicide run. When they impact with the Cube's surface, Manhattan disappears.

Although Tesseract is confused as to what has happened. Manhattan has been teleported to Thanos' planet. The Fantastic Four armed with the Cosmic Cube walk towards Thanos and his massive gathering of his troops. Thanos challenges Reed to single combat for the Cube and the two engage in a psychic war. Thanos brings forth memories of Reed's abusive father beating him with a belt, and Reed succumbs. Thanos takes control of the Cube and Reed falls forward apparently dead.

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