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Quote1.png I am not opposed to heroism. On the contrary. I honor it. But the greatest courage is acceptance of what must be. Resignation in the face of a destiny that cannot be fought or deflected or defied. Quote2.png

Appearing in "Four Cubed: Part 3"

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  • Omni-Chariot

Synopsis for "Four Cubed: Part 3"

At the site of the abducted area of New York City's midtown which is filled with water, the Ultimates are trying to grasp the situation since the forces of Halcyon's previous actions in which Iron Man's Iron Man Mark 6 armor was easily destroyed by them. Suddenly, Iron Man's suit detects something from the empty area until the portions of Manhattan along with Thanos, and "influenced" version of the Human Torch and the Invisible Woman as his followers, violently teleports in front of them.

Elsewhere, having been previously teleported away from Acheron's battlefield to a seemingly paradise world Ben Grimm is introduce to Atrea daughter of Thanos, who was responsible for Ben's absence. Atrea reason with Ben that she had 'saved' him from what her father would have done to the Fantastic Four, but Ben protest to be sent back to help his friends. Atrea then summons her Omni-Chariot for her to show Ben what Thanos is capable of with the Cosmic Cube.

Back on Earth, the Ultimates battles Thanos, the Human Torch and the Invisible Woman. Both the Invisible Woman and the Human Torch easily overcomes the Ultimates with their newfound powers from their "awakening" by Thanos, while Thor is turned into a tree by Thanos. With the Cosmic Cube Thanos defeats the remaining Ultimates and focuses his intention on a "world to build".

In deep space Ben Grimm learns much about Atrea: she, a daughter of Thanos, was unlike those of her siblings who support their father's war and expansion, questions his motive ("too many times") and her left arm was stripped to a skeleton as punishment. The two arrived, physically, on top of the frozen solid atmosphere of the planet Sidris. Atrea then explained to Ben that many thousand of years ago, Sidris' inhabitants "defied" Thanos at the same time the Cosmic Cube suddenly, and mysteriously, fell and land on Acheron. In response, Thanos utilized the artifact as a "test of its power" to reduce Sidris' temperature to seven degrees above subzero, freezing the entire planet and its inhabitants, who are still alive. Furthermore, Atrea explained to Ben that the real reason she have saved him as way to be forsaken from what her father will inevitably make life like death. Atrea then points out to Ben that having save his life she now "owns" it (implying that he is her lover).

On Earth, with the power of the Cosmic Cube Thanos constructs a massive spire in New York City and reshape the planet's landmass into the shape of a sigil of his name, "to be branded as a cattle branded" to show that Earth is his. When asking his "children" of what they expect of his shaped domain, Susan Storm question about the sea that teems with life. Thanos see the sea as "unfit" and 'chaotic' for his "ordered" vision, he changed Earth's oceans into stone.

On Sidris, Ben refuses to accept Atrea's demands and is angrily hold by the throat by her. Atrea demands him to 'love' her, but upon hearing Ben comparing her to her father cause her to relent and decides to bring him back to Acheron.

In his spire building in New York, Thanos commands Earth's "influenced" heroes to follow Ronan the Accuser and to spread his ideology on Earth and other worlds, and while waging war on his enemies.

On Acheron, Ben and Atrea arrives at the scene of the past battle between the Fantastic Four and Acheron's forces. The two found a seemingly dead and charred body of Reed Richards. Upon examining the body, Atrea finds that it isn't Reed.

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