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Your friend was some kind of genius, yeah? But I'm guessing biology wasn't his thing.
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Got that right. Reed didn't even discover girls until Suzie--
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Appearing in "Four Cubed: Part 4"

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Synopsis for "Four Cubed: Part 4"

Thanos has conquered Halycon and now pursues his conquest of Earth beginning in Manhattan. Sue, Johnny, the Ultimates, and other heroes from earth, are under the control of the Cosmic Cube and serve him.

Atrea has befriended Ben and wants to stop her father. They find Reed's body and determines that, (just prior to his defeat by Thanos and losing the Cube), he had turned himself into a spirit like Dreamcatcher, but was still trapped inside his altered but seemingly dead body. With her technology, Atrea frees Reed and he immediately begins to get back to work. The three transport to Manhattan. Reed asks Ben to distract Thanos, and despite Atrea's objections that Ben will martyr himself, the Thing agrees for the sake of his friends.

Atrea joins Ben and they distract Thanos. Reed is able to free Johnny and Sue from Thanos' thrall and they all join in the attack. Thanos quickly defeats them and grips Reed and tells him he will be tortured for centuries. Reed baits Thanos into stating his wish: Death. When Thanos does so, the Cube kills him.

Reed explains that he had put a "cut out" into his designed Cosmic Cube which made Thanos' overt wishes come true. Basically, he explains Thanos was given a loaded gun and he blew his head off. Reed restores Earth-1610 as it was previously. Reed later drops the Cube through a portal of time and space, where it again falls into the hands of a young Thanos.

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