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Josie Hart
You'd have so much more fun as a lesbian.
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Sue Storm
Well, I'll take a leaflet if you've got one.
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Appearing in "Salem's Seven: Part 1"

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Synopsis for "Salem's Seven: Part 1"

Sue is visiting Josie Hart in Pinhead Buttes. Josie has unearthed some sort of hatchling that has emerged from a cocoon and left. Sue examines the evidence and takes a sample. Before Sue leaves Josie propositions her. Phineas and Gus rig up a giant television which is running a story on the new super hero group: Salem's Seven. Josie thinks it is unusual that a small town like Salem would have seven super heroes.

Sue flies back to the Baxter Building. Reed flirts with her and wants to talk about their relationship. Sue is distant and tells him she does not know how she feels. There is an unknown entity observing Reed and Johnny throughout these events.

Johnny has made a bet with Ben that he can burn through what they believe is a steel slab, boil an egg, and light a match. The slab is not steel and when Johnny increases his heat, the steel girders in the top of the building melt. Dr. Storm chastises Johnny and demands that he be more responsible.

Colonel Agatha Harkness from SHIELD enters the Baxter Building. She has authority from Carol Danvers to inspect the operation and fitness of the Baxter Building project. Harkness reviews files, but also asks the team a number of personal questions. Sue storms out of her interview and begins researching the unusual sample given to her by Josie. Harkness tells Johnny in his interview that he needs to relax. He asks Johnny to take off his shirt and she gives him a massage.

Suddenly the Baxter Building is shown to be riddled with holes from a force blast. The team gets into an air borne vehicle to investigate. The craft is also hit by a force beam and crashes. Ben emerges from the craft to be confronted by Salem's Seven. They declare that the Fantastic Four is responsible for the attack and the damage.

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