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Appearing in "Salem's Seven: Part 2"

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Synopsis for "Salem's Seven: Part 2"

The Seven have confronted the Fantastic Four and are ready to fight. However, Reed urges everyone to help save the damaged buildings and help save lives. Everyone agrees, but the Seven is still spoiling for a fight afterwards. After the rescue attempt is made, the media gives the Seven the credit and thanks, much to the chagrin of Ben and Johnny.

Agatha Harkness returns and continues to grill the group. She declares Ben as depressed, Johnny as unappreciated, and Reed a poor leader that has led the team into two recent galactic blunders. Angry, Sue walks out.

On the roof, Reed approaches Sue and again asks for a "second chance". Sue refuses and puts her head down on the railing. Agatha Harkness approaches her again and tells her Carol Danvers wants to see her. Sue accompanies "Agatha" to an air transport. Harkness takes Sue to a remote waterfront location and asks her to wait. Soon the Seven emerge and fight Sue. Sue is beaten unconscious and is dropped into the water to die. However, Namor quickly finds her and carries her away. To Be Continued.

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