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The Seven! They're here!
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Yeah, and they're going down!
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Appearing in "Salem's Seven: Part 3"

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Synopsis for "Salem's Seven: Part 3"

Namor has rescued Sue after the Seven had thrown her into the water (last issue). Namore takes Sue underwater, although to a breathable area. Together, they explore take an Imperial craft to the ruins of Atlantis where they look at evidence that points them to the the Seven's attempt to poison the surface world as they had similarly done to Atlantis.

At the Baxter Building, Reed is looking for Sue. He calls Josie Hart to see if Sue is in the Baxter Building area there in Oregon. Naturally, Josie has not seen Sue recently. Josie and Reed's conversation is interrupted by a loud noise in the building.

Agatha Harkness has revealed herself to be an enemy. Franklin Storm found her out. But when he confronts Agatha and orders her to be arrested, she blasts Franklin and his security team. Agatha then enters the Baxter Building and attempts to seduce Johnny. As she hugs and kisses him, she injects him in the neck with a strong sedative. Johnny falls unconscious. Next, she forcefully enters the Fantastic Four's hangar area. When Ben and Reed investigate the noise, she summons the Seven to her side. Hopelessly outnumbered, a fight ensues. To be Continued.

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