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Reed Richards
After you.
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Namor (Earth-1610)
Thank you. But I prefer not to turn my back on you, Richards.
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Ultimate Fantastic Four Vol 1 2 Textless
Reed Richards
Then I guess we'll both have to edge along sideways.
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The Thing
I'm fine, thanks for askin'. Just hang a "scheduled for demolition" sign on me and get on with your afternoon.
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Appearing in "Salem's Seven: Part 4"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:





Synopsis for "Salem's Seven: Part 4"

Agatha Harkness and her superhuman Seven team has kidnapped Johnny Storm and is transporting him to Think Tank II in Oregon. She will use his flame powers to launch the birth of a massive grouping of Hydra Eggs.

In New York, Sue has teamed with Namor and regroups with Ben and Reed. Reed and Ben naturally distrust Namor. Sue develops a formula to make the Hydras unstable. Namor informs him that the Seven have gone to Oregon to spawn and the four rush off in Namor's Imperial Craft.

In Oregon, Josie and her team have tried to blast and destroy the eggs. They are caught by the Seven who will make them witness their heat "multiplication". Namor and his group arrive just in time, crash landing the craft as a distraction. A fight ensues. Sue releases her "nitrogen cascade" which allows Johnny to begin functioning normally again. It also makes Agatha and the Seven unstable.

An eruption is about to take place, and Sue urges everyone to run. But Sue cannot find Reed. Namor tells Sue that Reed has already gone to the surface, but she goes and looks for him. As the explosion takes place, Sue has placed both herself and Reed in a Force Field bubble. The two kiss amid the chaos.

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